ZTE plans to launch smart watches in early 2014

According to the Financial Times interview with He Shiyou, executive vice president and head of the mobile phone business of ZTE, he said the mobile device manufacturer is preparing to launch smart watch devices in the first quarter of 2014. The following is the main content of the article:

ZTE, the Chinese mobile device manufacturer, will start selling smart watches in the next quarter. Analysts estimate that the price of this wearable device will fall rapidly in the future. It is expected that sales of such small Android devices will exceed 100 million after 2015.

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He Shiyou, executive vice president and head of mobile phone business, was interviewed at ZTE ’s headquarters in Shenzhen. He told the Financial Times that the company hopes to enter the "second echelon" of smartphone manufacturers and become the top three manufacturers. He said that ZTE is currently ranked fourth or fifth, accounting for about 5% of the market.

As part of next year's plan, ZTE will invest in "wearable" technologies, including smart watches and glasses. But He Shiyou said that other wearable technologies, such as glasses, will take longer to develop. Analysts predict that wearable devices will follow the similar path of smartphones and immediately enter the Red Sea market.

Mr. He also stated that ZTE is considering enterprise acquisitions or mergers to expand market share. In the smartphone market, he described it as "competitive." But he did not want to disclose any specific acquisition targets, adding that any acquisition needs to be complementary.

ZTE ’s equipment business accounts for about 30% of the group ’s revenue, and the rest is contributed by its network business. Like Huawei, ZTE ’s basic equipment business has been hampered by accusations of ties with the Chinese government, but the mobile phone business has not been concerned by the US government.

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