IP Phone Features

IP Phone Features

Now the market has ip phone products, this product is basically the combination of ordinary telephone and voice gateway, the account number and password is in the softswitch server through the phone's mac address authentication, through the network cable, can call all the phone At the same time, the internal phone is free, and the general IP phone has the following features:

â—† Call Control Protocol: Support SIP protocol or H323 protocol,

â—† Voice coding support: G. 711, G723.1, G. 729A,

â—† clear voice, QoS voice guarantee

â—† adapt to a variety of network environments, really penetrate the NAT function

â—† Support PPP/PPPoE protocol, support for automatic dialing, disconnected redial function

â—† Support DNS, DHCP protocol

â—†Support static and dynamic IP address, support IP address intelligent learning function

â—†Support Web management, Telnet, TFTP loading

â—† Support DTMF transceiver number

â—† Support calling number identification CID

IP telephony is actually a telephony application implemented by the communication network through the TCP/IP protocol. Such applications include PC to PC, PC to Phone and Phone to Phone.

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes (Fire-resistant safes) are designed to protect its contents from high temperatures and fire.


All of our products can pass CE and UL certifications;

Digital and mechanical variants available;

The effective time of resistance to damage is from 0.5-2 hours;

Door bolts are in a 4 way coverage 

Fire Safe

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