Zhongshan lamps must go low carbon economy mode

Yang Kaishan, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Zhongshan Dajin Precision Electric Holdings Co., Ltd., said that in the process of developing new products, the company developed some LED products, which made him realize that the LED industry is both a general trend and a good development prospect. "Now the world is developing a low-carbon economy. The LED industry is a low-carbon energy-saving industry. I am very optimistic about its prospects."

Like Yang Kaishan, the Civilian Zhongshan Committee also saw the importance of the LED industry in the low-carbon era. CPPCC member Gan Yuren said that on the basis of meticulous research conducted by Guzhen and Banfu, the Minjian Municipal Committee of the People's Republic of China submitted a proposal to "welcome the arrival of the low-carbon era and actively promote the healthy development of the LED industry in Zhongshan City." The advantage is to make the LED industry a new growth point in the low carbon era.

In the proposal submitted by the Zhongshan Municipal Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of China, members of the CPPCC National Committee recommended that they strengthen their independent research and development and innovative design efforts, and strive to enhance the competitiveness of Zhongshan LED products in the domestic and international markets; actively cultivate and support local LED leading enterprises, and strive to build well-known brands. Enhance the influence of Zhongshan LED industry; standardize industry management, upgrade product grades, establish a good image of Zhongshan LED products; take the pilot of the ten-city Wanhao semiconductor lighting application project as an opportunity to increase the promotion and application of LED products and promote the rapid development of LED industry development of.

Industry background

In the lighting industry in Zhongshan City, LED lighting products are developing rapidly, and the industrial chain is becoming more and more perfect. In the process of process introduction, packaging and R&D, driving circuits, secondary development of LED lamps, etc., many enterprises are distributed, forming a dynamic LED lighting emerging. industry.

In 2008, Zhongshan's LED output value exceeded 5 billion yuan, and has a strong market advantage.

The number of LED enterprises in the city ranks second in the province, and a number of new light source enterprises and brands with strong strength emerge.

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