The six major imperfect enterprises in the lighting industry are missing

Strong but not big, not enough influence, but not too embarrassing; big but not strong, sooner or later, the impact will be large enough. In 2010, the financial crisis gradually drifted away, and the lighting and lighting industry experienced a heavy blow before starting to re-adjust and plan. Thus, for a time, one of the most mentioned words in the industry is the standardization development.

Throughout the entire lighting industry, there are no shortage of large enterprises, but there are very few real strong enterprises, and there are only a handful of truly regulated enterprises. According to relevant survey data, China's lighting industry has a market capacity of nearly 300 billion yuan, about 12,000 manufacturing companies, and hundreds of companies with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. However, from the perspective of the system, the big one cannot be said to be strong enough, and the decline in the net profit of the company is evidence. As Hong Ziang, chairman of Zhongshan Pinshang Lighting Co., Ltd. said, “The lighting industry has a lot of enterprises, but many companies are big but not strong.” Nowadays, “big but not strong” has become a strange circle that lighting companies can hardly get out of. "There are many reasons why companies are not sufficiently aware of themselves and their own competitiveness is not clear enough." Hong Dongru analyzed. Therefore, clear direction, standardized development, and real strength have become the top priority for enterprises and even the lighting industry to move forward.

Six companies are missing, the standard is weak

Standardized development includes 10 aspects such as decision-making proceduralization, assessment quantification, organizational systemization, clarification of powers and responsibilities, evidence-based punishment, goal planning, business process, concrete measures, behavior standardization, and control process. In the entire lighting and lighting industry, there are very few companies that can truly implement these 10 aspects.

According to a comprehensive survey conducted by the newspaper on 121 lighting and lighting companies, there are currently six major defects in the development of lighting lighting enterprises:

1. Nearly 70% of the company's powers and responsibilities are unclear: powers and responsibilities are unclear. It has always been the embarrassment of the company's development. Specifically, it means that the company's allocation to internal departments and employees is unreasonable, and it has no right, no responsibility, no responsibility. The phenomenon of powers and responsibilities is unknown.

2. About 55% of the enterprise incentive mechanism is not perfect: an effective incentive mechanism can play an important role in stimulating people's motivation and mobilizing people's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Establishing an effective incentive mechanism is one of the central links in the face of increased market competition. However, at present, about 55% of enterprises in the lighting industry have not yet established incentives or incentive mechanisms, and rewards and punishments are unrestricted, undocumented, and unclear, and cannot effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.

3, about 45% of corporate decision-making is not democratic: According to the survey, in the decision-making process, most companies are still bosses to shoot their heads and directly determine the major business development issues. Although other enterprises have decided on the decision of the public, most of them have gone through the scenes and the formalism is serious. There are very few enterprises that really make decision-making and democratization.

4. About 37% of enterprise organization management is not systematic: to standardize development, the internal organizational structure and management of the enterprise also needs to be systematic, and it is necessary to have an organization department with clear division of labor and clear rights and responsibilities, including even crisis management departments and publicity planning departments. . However, in the lighting industry, there are countless companies that overlap between departments and in the blank sector.

5. About 14% of the company's strategic goals are not long-term: the strategic goal is the outline of enterprise development. Although many lighting companies have strategic goals, they have no long-term planning and planning, and there are many enterprises that “adjust and adjust”. in. However, some enterprises have long-term goals, but they are not scientific. They do not comprehensively consider the status quo and market development of their own enterprises. The sales target is 1 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan. The target cannot be realized and then adjusted.

6. The manufacturer's interest policy is difficult to implement: the cooperation between manufacturers is a topic that cannot be separated from the standardization of enterprises.

At present, most of the lighting and lighting enterprises and merchants agree on contracts, but the implementation of the price concessions and rebates policies of the enterprises is difficult, and the conflicts between the companies and the parties sometimes conflict with each other.

The five major elements of the industry still need to be improved

Enterprises must be standardized, and industries must be standardized to be more competitive. At present, there are still five major problems in the development of industrial standardization in the entire lighting and lighting industry:

1. Insufficient industry standards: Industry standards have always been the guiding principle for industry development. At present, the formulation of industry standards in the lighting and lighting industry only stays on the formulation of product standards, while the key supporting links in the industrial chain are similar to the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. The standard area is blank. Moreover, the product standards alone, the national industry standards for LEDs are not perfect, and it is urgent to introduce standards to regulate industry behavior.

2. The relevant department policies are not perfect: the policy can effectively promote the development of the industry. At present, the policies of the local government and relevant departments at all levels of development industry are not complete, and some even change.

3, the industry association code is in vain: industry associations can connect related companies to build industry synergies. At present, in the lighting and lighting industry, there are about 100 industry associations, large and small, and there are no rules for the formulation of guidelines for various industry associations, and various standards are ineffective.

4, industry integrity in general: integrity is an important indicator of the development of industry norms. In the lighting and lighting industry, counterfeit and shoddy products are flooding the market, owing wages, escaping money, and vendors’ common statements, and the integrity of the entire lighting industry is generally good.

5. The business operation behavior is not standardized: Because there is no scientific and authoritative industrial evaluation standard system, the business operation behavior of the whole lighting industry is relatively unregulated, and some enterprises often cut corners for personal gains.

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