Hao Luoxi: The Light of Expo, from technology to art

During the 2010 Shanghai International New Light Source & New Energy Forum, Hao Luoxi made a theme report on “The Light of Expo, From Technology to Art”. The Expo has always been regarded as the biggest event for human technological innovation. Since the 160th year of the first World Expo in London in 1851, almost all of the important inventions of humanity have begun at the World Expo, and the development of artificial electric light sources is no exception. In 1939, at the World Expo in New York and Los Angeles, the first practical fluorescent lamp was demonstrated. Since then, the efficiency of fluorescent lamps has gradually increased and it has been applied on a large scale. At the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in China, viewers will see another technological revolution after the incandescent and gas-emitting lights – solid-state lighting.

The overall planning for night lighting in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Park was undertaken by Tongji University. The plan focuses on the ways and means to achieve high efficiency and energy saving in the landscape light environment of the Expo Park, the principles and methods of landscape art lighting that reflect the characteristics of the Shanghai World Expo, and the relevant design standards and management guidelines for the construction of the light environment in the Expo Park.

According to Hao Luoxi, the Shanghai World Expo will use LED as the night illumination of the park. Through the interpretation of creative design and technical concept, it will bring visitors an unprecedented visual experience. For example, the “Happy Street” of the Netherlands Pavilion will decorate the surface of the building with LEDs, and express the joyful atmosphere of the Dutch Pavilion at night through bright and flashing visual effects. The nightscape lighting of the red facade of the China Pavilion was strengthened, and the fairy-tale lighting of the Danish Pavilion used LED lighting. The fantastic night lighting created by LED has strengthened the theme of this Expo and interpreted the new Expo content. The China Pavilion, the Theme Pavilion, the Expo Cultural Center, and many foreign pavilions also use semiconductor lighting technology.

The planning and implementation of night lighting in the Expo Park has the following distinctive features: at the strategic level, energy-efficient urban lighting demonstration; cultural level, ecological protection lighting mode of the historical sites of the Expo site; technical level, the first large-scale in the Expo site Integrated application of semiconductor lighting technology; human level, the maximum application of Chinese manufacturing products.

Innovation will light up the dream, and the Shanghai World Expo will surely help Chinese cities to create a new era of low-carbon lighting, green lighting, environmental protection, and energy efficiency.

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