Yuanda Electronics pushes high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Long Zonghui] Aluminum substrate is an industry with low barriers to entry. Because there is no measurement specification for thermal conductivity, the measured data and the nominal data are often far apart when the customer gets the aluminum substrate.

"At present, most aluminum substrate companies in China are doing low-end homogenization products and are engaged in simple processing business. Due to the lack of support from core technologies, the thermal conductivity of aluminum substrates made is very low, for the development of the entire lighting industry. It is very unfavorable." Yang Lixin, deputy general manager of Yuanda Electronic Development Co., Ltd. said.

At the same time, the price war that exists in the field of LED applications is equally fierce in the aluminum substrate industry. In order to pursue profits, the aluminum substrate factory has to cut corners, so the quality of the products made can be imagined.

In Yang Lixin's view, companies want to go further and develop better, and product quality is the key. Reducing the price can only take the road of improving product production efficiency and controlling costs.

At the 2014 High-tech LED Exhibition, the products exhibited by Yuanda Electronics are all common-mode products, mainly supporting bulbs, fluorescent lamps and street lamps, but most of them are high-quality products. Of course, the company can also produce customized products according to customer requirements. . In order to ensure the quality, in the choice of aluminum plate, Yuanda Electronics strictly controls the incoming materials by means of multiple rounds of quality inspection, and the imported inks are imported from Japan. At the same time, on the equipment, Yuanda Electronics insists on using high-end equipment to ensure the high precision of the aluminum substrate produced.

In addition to controlling costs, Yuanda Electronics also cooperated with Zhejiang University, Institute of Metal Materials of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research units to develop aluminum-based heat sink technology to enhance its core competitiveness in the aluminum substrate industry. After 6 years of unremitting efforts, a number of patented high thermal conductivity IMTS heat sinks have come out and are widely recognized in the market.

“IMST heat sinks use special magnetron sputtering technology, there is no epoxy bonding layer and filler, which greatly reduces the number of heat sinks, better conductivity and thermal conductivity; good shielding effect can suppress external and internal The resulting interference; good mechanical processing performance, easy to follow-up processing and other characteristics." Yang Lixin said.

For the current status of the aluminum substrate industry, Yang Lixin said that the aluminum substrate industry is now in a morbid development period, and with the rational return of the industry, the manufacturers who pursue high-quality aluminum substrates will become more stable. At the same time, they will continue to improve performance and improve processes, continuously reduce costs, and provide customers with cost-effective aluminum substrates.

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