High-power LED solid crystal solder paste

The V8000 series is a newly developed high-power solid-state solder paste, which is mainly used for solid-state soldering between high-power LED chips and heat sinks .

Nowadays, due to the continuous improvement of the output power of LED chips, the current electronic products are becoming more and more important in their package heat dissipation problems . The new packaging structure that directly affects the service life of high-power chips, and has good heat dissipation and low stress is the key to the packaging technology of high-power LED lamps . Our V8000 series solid-state solder paste can replace the conductive silver glue to solve the heat dissipation problem of high-power LED package, improve the service life and output stability of high-power LED. The solder paste is welded between metals, and its thermal conductivity is about conductive silver. the number of times the glue, so the LED package wafer and other fields, a solid crystal instead of the conductive paste and silver paste thermal plastic and other packaging materials, not only can improve the heat dissipation effect of the LED lamp, chip bonding strength strengthen, improve the stability of the output Sex, but also can significantly reduce the cost of packaging.

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