LED road lighting market status

LED road lighting market status

Road lighting has always been a controversial market for the development of China's LED industry. Prior to 2010, benefiting from various types of demonstration applications, road lighting became the earliest area for LED lighting products to enter into large-scale applications. However, due to the lack of mature LED technology at the time, some of the LED street lamps installed were not ideal due to their poor use. The replacement not only made LED street lighting companies suffer, but also caused some negative impact on the promotion of LED street lamps.

However, in recent years, whether it is LED light source or driving power supply, the performance of the company's technology and products has been greatly improved. With the substantial adjustment of product prices and further increase in local government support, road lighting has been Become China's LED lighting market penetration rate of the highest market segments.

First, the development status of road lighting market

With the advent of the global energy crisis and the deepening of the idea of ​​building a conservation-minded society, LED road lighting, a new energy-saving and environmental protection technology, will surely bring a huge impact on traditional lighting technologies. In the future, the development direction of road lighting will also be LED lighting technology. It can be seen that the prospects for LED lighting in the domestic and global roads are limitless.

With the continuous improvement of technology, continuous industry standardization, and continuous improvement in awareness, LED lighting is increasingly used in domestic road lighting. Original road lighting has replaced light sources with LEDs, and construction of roads and projects has become a major division. Both use LED light sources. The assertion that LED has become the most suitable electric light source in the field of road lighting has been recognized, and many people believe that LED will be the only electric light source used in road lighting for a long time to come.

1, good market prospects

According to statistics of the number of global LED street lamps installed by industry organizations in 2014, the current global street lamp installation capacity is about 200 million baht, of which Europe is about 65 million baht, accounting for more than 30%, and the United States is about 44 million baht, accounting for more than 20% of the total. There are about 4 million in Japan, about 33 million in China, and more than 16% in the world.

In recent years, China's LED street lamp market penetration rate (number of installations) has been continuously increasing, exceeding 7% in 2011 and 11% in 2012. The penetration rate of LED street lamps in 2013 is about 19%, and the market size is about RMB 14 billion. . According to preliminary calculations, the market size of China's LED street lamps will be approximately 23 billion yuan by 2015; by then, the overall market penetration rate of China's LED road lighting products will exceed 45%, and the market space is huge.

2. Significant energy saving effect

According to the 2013 report of the China Electricity Council, the total electricity consumption in 2013 was 5.32 trillion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%. According to a survey conducted by the China Illuminating Society and Huatong People's Company, lighting power consumption accounted for 13.6% of the total electricity consumption in the society in 2013, of which road lighting power consumption accounted for approximately 29% of the total lighting consumption in the society.

According to industry research, the overall luminous efficacy of LED road lighting products in 2013 exceeded 100lm/W, and the overall luminous efficiency in 2015 is expected to exceed 130lm/W. At present, compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, LED road lighting products can save more than 40% of electricity. According to calculations, the number of installed global street lamps is currently about 200 million baht. If 30% of street lamps are LED street lamps, global LED street lamps will have annual electricity consumption of more than 22 billion kWh; and 50% of LED street lamps, the annual electricity consumption will exceed 380. Billion degrees; when all replaced, 100% LED street lights, its annual electricity will exceed 84 billion degrees. At present, the number of street lamps installed in China is approximately 33 million baht. If 50% of LED street lamps are used, the annual LED street lamp power in China will exceed 6 billion kWh; when 100% is replaced with LED street lamps, the annual energy consumption will exceed 14 billion kWh. .

Second, LED road lighting development problems

In recent years, the rapid development of LED, many cities in the world are vigorously promoting the LED, the implementation of the traditional street lights LED energy-saving street lighting transformation, but also around the country are also building roads, are also using LED road lighting products. Although the LED road lighting market has considerable prospects, there are still some problems with LED road lighting. These include standards, technologies, and sales issues. LED road lighting really wants to completely occupy the market, may need to address the following these questions.

1, standardization issues

Nowadays, there is an international organization that has introduced a streetlight standard, but in the country has not yet formed a perfect industry standard. There are many manufacturers of LED street lights, and the modules of each manufacturer are not uniform. Without standardization, there will be a series of problems in production, sales circulation, and use. Because the products of different manufacturers, whether they are light sources or electrical appliances, especially the size of the electrical appliances and the current and voltage classification of the connector drive, are all different. If the manufacturer goes bankrupt after a certain period of time, then if there is a problem with the application of the lamp, the corresponding replacement product cannot be found. In promoting the LED process, the standardization issue deserves attention.

2, LED energy-saving issues

LED energy conservation is now discussed very much, LED is indeed energy-efficient, but it can not be generalized. The extent to which energy is saved depends mainly on its "adversary" and on the model used. The reason LED can be used as a street lamp is that its dimming performance is better than traditional lamps, so it can be used as an alternative light source. Road lighting is the biggest energy-saving link in the dimming, at present, the traditional lamp dimming can only be adjusted to half, LED lights can be adjusted to 5% -10%, which is LED lights are better than the HPS lamp on the one hand. However, dimming should be based on changes in traffic flow at different times for dimming, LED street lamps can ultimately save energy much depends on the size of traffic flow. The combination of single light control dimming of street lamps and traffic flow is advanced in the country and is also a manifestation of the advanced nature of LED street lamps. The current guideline of International Commission on Illumination CIE 115 has established a road classification. By considering the traffic flow, traffic composition, and whether there are crossroads or other elements to obtain the data, the motor vehicle lanes are divided into M1-M6 grades. The lighting requirements are different for different grades. Therefore, many people in the industry hope that the country can quickly develop a corresponding road classification, which will help the application of LED lights.

3, LED accurate light control problem

One of the reasons why many people in the industry promote LED is that LED can control the light accurately. It is believed that the HPS light control light is not accurate, so that the light “runs” across the road and wastes energy. The precise light control of the LED light can control the light. In areas that need to be illuminated, this saves "unnecessary" light. However, the biggest problem with this theory is the lack of consideration of "both sides of the road also need light." According to an experiment conducted by an international major manufacturer, 78% of people believe that there are comfortable lights on both sides of the road. No light makes people feel uncomfortable, and the roads with light on both sides can bring people a sense of security. This point is very important. We should not only consider the issue of energy conservation, but we must master this “degree” in the reconstruction of road lighting.

4, LED light color problem

LED is characterized by high color temperature, high illumination and high luminous efficiency. High color temperature is now used 5000K, the original use to 6000K. In fact, the color temperature cannot be too high, which is related to the natural environment of human life. From 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning, the natural light color temperature is about 2000-3000K, which is a low color temperature. With time, the color temperature can reach 6000-7000K at noon, and the color temperature becomes lower in the afternoon. Therefore, it was suggested that high color temperature lamps of 5000-6000K should be avoided at night to follow the laws of nature. Of course, the preference for light color temperature varies from person to person. Some people prefer white light, some people prefer yellow light, and different people like different things. Therefore, this is not stereotyped.

5, LED blue light problem

In order to improve the light efficiency, the color temperature of the LED lamp is about 5000-6000K, and the blue light is particularly large. As we all know, people's eyes vary in light transmission according to age. Younger people have very good eye transparency. Older people have poor eye transparency and poor blue-light absorption. They feel glare and see blue glare. This should also be taken into consideration when making street lights and analyzing the age composition of drivers on the road. In addition, in the 1960s, an experiment was conducted abroad to explore high cancer rates among textile workers and nurses. The conclusion is that high-intensity light will reduce immune function and increase the risk of cancer. There is no authoritative conclusion as to whether white light will affect the health of the people, but it should also be prepared for the rainy day.

6, LED costs

Cost is the biggest problem that companies face when they enter road lighting. At present, municipal projects such as road lighting have begun to adopt the EMC model, which means energy-saving investment methods that use reduced energy costs to cover the full cost of energy-saving projects. This model allows users to use future energy-saving benefits to upgrade plants and equipment, reduce current operating costs, and increase energy efficiency. However, this also means that companies have higher one-time input costs and longer return times. In addition, the cost of post-maintenance maintenance of road lighting such as street lamps is high, and investment is greater than that of indoor lighting.

7, LED product sales

Sales, ie how a business gets a project. Road lighting is mainly based on municipal projects. For individual projects, the demand points of customers are also different. Therefore, companies must also have the following conditions for entry into municipal projects: First, the company's basic qualification certification, including national relevant green index certification, The company’s basic business license, etc. Second, the company must have production and construction qualifications, such as the qualifications for outdoor lighting and road lighting construction issued by the state; third, the company must establish a relationship with the local purchase price network, recommended directory, etc., and obtain the qualification for finalists. The fourth is in the local network.

III. Analysis of Development Trend of Road Lighting Market

Due to the strong support of local governments in China, the maturity of road lighting technology, and the rapid development of some new control technologies, the LED road lighting market will usher in rapid development.

1. Strong policy support will promote the rapid growth of road lighting market

For the development of the LED road lighting market, due to the strong support of the government, it is expected that the road lighting market will have a substantial growth in the short term, mainly the "National Semiconductor Lighting Energy-saving Industry Plan" issued by the six ministries and commissions of the country. National Development and Reform Commission Demonstration Project Such as road lighting as a highly valued area, at the same time, the recent LED road tunnel lighting products are also included in the list of energy-saving products procurement. In addition, local governments represented by Guangdong Province actively popularize LED lighting in the public sector. 2013 is the deadline, which will bring about large-scale procurement and bidding. According to the statistics of the relevant agencies, the LED lighting procurement market in 2014 has continued unabated. Compared with the purchase of 110 million yuan in the first seven months of 2013, the procurement volume reached 200 million yuan in the first seven months of 2014, a year-on-year increase of 81%. From the perspective of market demand and development trends, LED road lighting in 2014 is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth, and government procurement is expected to achieve greater breakthroughs.

2. Road lighting technology has further matured and gained market recognition

In addition to the support of the government, the road lighting technology at home and abroad has further matured and gained market recognition. Internationally, multinational corporations led by Philips have actively promoted the development of LED road lighting technology. The company's road lighting experiments conducted in 12 cities around the world have proved that road lighting can save up to 85% of energy. In addition, in terms of user acceptance, through the application and exploration of previous years, on the one hand LED road lighting products continue to mature, prices and costs continue to decline; on the other hand, compared to the past, users of LED road lighting is more rational Attitude returned, acceptance of will improve. Taking Guangdong as an example, the use of LED road lighting products was relatively conservative and rejected in previous years. With the continuous improvement of the incentive system, LED street lighting products have also begun to be used on a large scale.

3. Intelligent road lighting will further accelerate market development

From the standpoint of luminous efficiency, LED streetlights are not superior to high-pressure sodium lamps, but the development of intelligent control has greatly strengthened the advantages of LED road lighting products, including rapid response, strong adjustability, etc., and greatly improving the energy efficiency of road lighting systems. space. Philips Lighting's innovative research in this area is at the forefront, and thus it has repeatedly won the world's largest smart road lighting reforms. Its designed city lighting control platform can control the light source remotely and according to the flow of people, traffic and weather. Adjusting the actual situation such as change can effectively improve the overall energy saving space of the lighting system. The development of intelligent control technologies and systems will be expected to further shorten the investment recovery period, shorten the time for capital occupation, strengthen the operability of the EMC model, and bring tremendous development opportunities to enterprises that are actively exploring business models.

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