Why is Haitao's home theater projector risky?

China Home Theater Network (): Haitao, I don't think I need to explain too much about this word. Just ask the online shopping people around you, more or less have some experience of Haitao. But today I want to talk about Haitao, the home theater equipment! Haitao's value lies in the use of regional differences, to buy the favorite equipment at a cheaper price than domestic.

Why is Haitao's home theater projector risky?

There was a time when I turned on my computer every day and went to Audiogon.com or Ebay to pick up the equipment I wanted. After so many years, I have been scouring the ocean, and I have bought second-hand goods from Haitao after I bought them from other people’s hands. I also have some experience. Today, I want to say that Haitao can not buy any equipment! In fact, in my mind, from the most worthy of Haitao, to equipment that is not worthy of Haitao, there is a ranking - AV preamp, AV post, speaker , subwoofer, projector. Why is this ranking? Let me briefly explain the reasons below.

AV pre-level is a product of Haiying Tao, a home theater enthusiast. I can't exaggerate that the pre-existing Lexicon and Meridian in the domestic second-hand market are basically from Haitao. I still have a Lexicon. MC1. The predecessor of this type of classic top brand cinema brand, the number of users in foreign countries is far greater than the domestic, and the voltage has a way to adapt to the domestic after Haitao returns. Although there is no next-generation decoding, its sound performance also has an irreplaceable charm of Japanese products. Now, at a price of about 10,000 yuan, you can find the pre-products that used to sell 70,000 yuan. Moreover, the pre-level is not too heavy, so the international shipping costs are not high. This is why the AV preamp will become the most common product in Haitao Cinema equipment. And, for this kind of sea scouring behavior, as an enthusiast, I personally recommend it.

Why is Haitao's home theater projector risky?

The AV post-stage is also common in Haitao, and the most common ADA classic product PTM6150 is on the market. This post-stage voltage can be jumpered. Previously, the price was at $5,500. Now the price of new domestic licensed goods is more than 25,000 yuan. Haitao spends 10,000 yuan, which is very good value. However, since the AV rear stage is a high-power electric appliance, the voltage influence will be greater. If the jumper cannot solve the 220V voltage problem, then you should buy a high-power transformer. The Haitao of the speaker has a clear trend of two episodes, or it is a second-hand small bookshelf that is easy to use for shipping. Like the M&K S150, it was a popular panning. There are also flagships that are either super-priced, such as the JBL D66000, and there are also friends who directly use Haitao two pairs of second-hand, the price is cheaper than the domestic to buy a pair of new. For Amoy and Amoy speakers, I think there is a value for Haitao, but this has to be slowly found in foreign second-hand forums.

There are two types of home theater equipment. I strongly recommend not Haitao, one is a subwoofer, and the other is a projector. Because both of them are products that need to be powered, not only will they face voltage problems, but they are also the most likely to fail in a home theater. Let's talk about the subwoofer first. If you buy a licensed subwoofer in China, the gunplate warranty is generally one to three years, and the whole gun warranty may be five years and seven years. If a subwoofer gun plate with a price of about 6,000 yuan is damaged and happens to have passed the warranty, the replacement of the gun plate will generally cost 2,500 to 3,000 yuan. If you are buying a 20,000-ton gun, then replacing the gun plate will cost 5,000 to 8,000 yuan. The subwoofer board is just a fragile thing. The famous SVS subwoofer, when the factory was moved from Taiwan to Dongguan, the quality control problems caused the first generation SB12 NSD gun board is very easy to damage. In general, the subwoofer is the heaviest of all home theater equipment, and the costs and risks associated with transportation increase accordingly. If you have a second-hand subwoofer in Haitao, if you have a problem with the gunboard at home, then basically you will have to suffer big losses.


Next, let's talk about the projector. The projector is the most vulnerable of all home theater equipment, so even if the manufacturers send the test, most of them choose the fastest, relatively better SF Express. But even then, over the years, I still encounter products that have been broken during transportation every year. Most of them are DLP color wheel problems, the lens group is damaged, and the internal imaging chipset (LCD and Lcos models) is damaged.

Many people Haitao projectors are directed at the classic products of the past. Like some of the more expensive products, I have been myths in the fever forum. For example, JVC's HD100, HD350 and so on. At that time, the price was tens of thousands. Now Haitao is second-hand, and can find goods of seven or eight thousand dollars. But if you think they are better than the new machines of seven or eight thousand now, then I can only "hehe"! Like these early 1080p products, whether it is sharpness, contrast, or support for more than 120 inches of large screen, early It is not as good as a new machine that can be bought now. If you really want to say that he is better than the new machine of the same price, then the exquisite workmanship is worthy of recognition. The projector is the home theater product with the highest price drop and the highest performance every year with the advancement of technology.

If you want to experience the previous hundreds of thousands of high-priced projectors (such as the classic 3DLP InFocus SP777) through the Haitao projector, experience the charm of brand culture, I think the value. If you just want to take advantage of it, and imagine that the old machine is stronger than buying a new one, then I advise you to die this heart early. And, it is good or bad to get it, it is really hard to say. As far as the people I know, the proportion of Haitao projectors has not exceeded 60%. That is to say, there are two people who have problems with Haitao projectors. Some are just loose internal connections, and they are solved immediately. Some friends have encountered DMD chips to break, he asked me what to do, I can only "hehe" once again - because the maintenance of the money, I am afraid that the money is more expensive than the Amoy machine, you repair or not repair?

So, is there a happy user of Haitao projector? The answer is yes. Two years ago, I bought the newly released Sharp projector and SONY projector in Japan, and the price is better. However, the Taobao treasures the price of blessing, now these two brands of projectors, if you are willing to talk with the business, it is possible to buy domestic Taobao, cheaper than Haitao...

Ok, let's talk about my attitude towards Haitao! If you are an experienced enthusiast and Haitao is just to experience the old classic equipment, then I suggest you try it! Haitao is still full of this process. Fun, and cheap, trouble-free panning, is still very fulfilling. If you are just an ordinary user who wants to set up a home theater, you just want to watch movies with peace of mind, then it is recommended to buy licensed goods in China. If the budget is limited, but you want to buy equipment with very high cost performance, it is recommended to buy second-hand goods in the hands of enthusiasts, you can look at what we have talked about before: "price is king, second-hand projector purchase considerations", more Multi-home theater knowledge, all in the Chinese home theater network.

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