The technical standards of smart sockets

After the development of smart homes entered the “fast lane”, many people began to doubt the importance of technical standards. Smart home technology standards really don't matter? In this way, it is estimated that even the most basic smart sockets do not agree. In fact, smart sockets also pay attention to technical standards. Without certain technical standards, I am afraid that smart sockets will not be smart.

What technology is used for smart plugging? I don't know if it is combined according to the body type, or it is matched according to the development difficulty. When the "not too eye-catching" socket meets the intelligence, it is naturally linked with the "short and fine" WIFI. WIFI is a short-range wireless communication technology standard, which is mainly used for wireless connection between terminal devices such as personal computers, PDAs, smart phones, and digital cameras. WIFI wireless network signals are widely used in the world, and can be used for smartphones and other devices in ordinary homes, airports, stations, coffee shops, libraries, high-end hotels, luxury residential areas, airports and cafes.

The simple development of WIFI technology and the flexibility of the corresponding equipment make it a place in the technology of smart sockets. Although the earliest sensational smart home products may be just the $2.3 billion Nest thermostat and smoke detectors that were acquired by Google this year, the earliest known smart socket is the BelkinWeMo smart socket. The technology adopted by WeMo smart socket is WIFI. As long as the user's mobile phone can access the Internet and the WIFI signal is covered in the home, the user can realize effective operation of it through the smart phone, such as remote power switch.

In addition to WIFI technology, the same mobile Bluetooth technology is also very popular with smart sockets. Bluetooth technology is also a short-range communication technology, and can also realize wireless information exchange of mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headphones, notebook computers, printers, fax machines, keyboards, game joysticks, etc., but the popularity and coverage are lower than WIFI. many. Even so, Bluetooth technology has a certain position in the smart socket and even the entire smart home industry .

Not long ago, after successfully completing Kickstarter financing, the smart socket of Zuli, a smart home startup that once again received a $1.65 million investment, "has a low-power Bluetooth module that can be connected to mobile-side applications through low-power Bluetooth technology." The Zuli Smart Socket features power switch, power adjustment and timing.

Smart sockets generally require flexibility and mobility. It seems that WIFI and Bluetooth technology are more "handy", but they are not "patent". ZIGBEE technology can be used well for smart sockets. Due to the relatively simple development of WIFI and Bluetooth technology, the security is low and the network carrying capacity is limited, so that they can be easily used in smart sockets, but cannot be used on a large scale.

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