Under the craze of intelligent hardware platforms, who can solve the supply chain problems of developers?

Around June 24, there was news that Ali would build an intelligent hardware platform. It is said that its idea is to serve the service platform of intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, providing the underlying chip solution, cloud computing support for the Internet of Things, and channel support for e-commerce sales.

Now Ali, JD, Baidu and Tencent WeChat are all doing similar attempts, and the services they provide are similar. They package their respective e-commerce channels (Baidu's documents mention the implementation through Jingdong channel), cloud computing services ( Includes support for cloud servers and cloud application APIs).

Ali's highlight lies in the so-called underlying chip solution. I suspect that this may have a certain relationship with Alibaba Cloud OS, and its e-commerce sales ability is undoubtedly the most trusted by intelligent hardware developers and developers.

For JD.com, it is worthy of attention to cooperate with Cogo Core City Network to provide support for the developer's supply chain of intelligent hardware for the first time in the platform.

The advantage of Baidu is that Baidu Cloud is the earliest manufacturer of open cloud applications in China, and has already had many hardware partners to demonstrate.

Tencent WeChat provides the ability to centrally manage smart devices in a system-level application.

The giants are focusing on the integration of their existing products and services, but the supply chain that really serves the intelligent hardware developers is lacking.

For the supply chain problem, let's take a look at the original vice president of the original core city, Zhu Jizhi of the 3db startup.

1. Innovation requires motivation and support. If there are no hot things, no one in the industry will innovate – this means that no integrated circuit manufacturer will optimize the process for you to upgrade the process with an order for 100 T&R packaging specifications.

2. The supply chain is difficult to be flexible - this means that two months of IC delivery is difficult to become a month or three months, if you are in a hurry, please look for bulk purchases. On the other hand, it means that when you are looking for a factory to do SMT, please put down your body, otherwise you will get a reply, "Your magnitude is not enough for my machine to open the machine. You know to re-reflow. How much trouble does the machine have?" This is a big manufacturer.

3. Processing ability of small manufacturers - Let's take a look at small manufacturers. When you see that you want SMT to become a worker on the assembly line, a welding torch and a welding torch are discharged. You need stability of the product. The RoHS compliance is well prepared.

These are some of the supply chain dilemmas that we see as smart hardware developers. Among the above platform vendors, there are two possible solutions, one is Jingdong's partner, Cogo Core City, which can solve major components (sensors, communication chips, communication modules). The supply, but there may be some difficulties in the mainstream ARM.

The other is the Ali 1688 platform, and the service can include both the IC's distribution supply and OEM OEM. The realization of these two parts requires Ali to sort out and classify the resources of 1688 and connect them with the intelligent hardware developers. Specifically, Ali needs to be a high-quality IC distribution vendor list, these vendors will become the main position of intelligent hardware developers' IC distribution; on the other hand, whether Ali can try the first-level and second-level agents with top manufacturers. Establish contacts and help them embark on 1688. From the perspective of mass production, these manufacturers are often able to go further with smart hardware developers.

The intelligent hardware platform should have more achievements on the supplier side. Different from other traditional industries, the electronics manufacturing industry may be more intimate with the Internet. Both parties attach importance to the use and adoption of IT technology at the management level. Such user habits are conducive to cooperation between the two parties. Such resource development and integration will help smart hardware developers to better take products from prototypes and truly help smart hardware developers.

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