Research on ISP programmable technology

Promote the reform of the electronic design automation (EDA) teaching system. As an indispensable key technology in the field of science and technology in the information age, electronic technology is developing rapidly. Higher education should reflect the latest scientific and technological achievements while ensuring basic content and basic skills. In order to achieve this goal, many universities have made great efforts to promote the construction and development of electronic design automation (EDA) technology teaching system. Harbin University of Science and Technology organized an electronic design automation (EDA) technology experiment teaching construction seminar attended by experts. The seminar analyzed the situation of the national electronic design automation (EDA) technology experimental teaching construction, and analyzed the school ’s position in this regard, that is, the country ’s leading position in scientific research, theoretical teaching and teaching materials, and in the experimental teaching Must catch up.

The experts unify their understanding and clarify the direction. Everyone agrees that the ISP in-system programmable technology is a high-tech in today's era. The use of this technology in Shandong filter plates will expand students' horizons, learn new technologies and methods, and train students in digital system design. The comprehensive development ability, inspire creative thinking, enable students to master the application of modern technology, adapt to the requirements of the high-tech era, things first. Conduct training courses on electronic design automation (EDA) technology for experimental technicians. In order to improve the professional quality of experimental technicians and make greater achievements in the teaching of electronic design automation (EDA) technology experiments, the Office of Academic Affairs of Harbin University of Science and Technology held an electronic design automation (EDA) technology training course for experimental technicians.

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