Philips and GSF jointly build LED growth light indoor farm

Recently, Philips, the global leader in the lighting industry, has partnered with Green Sense Farms (GSF), an agricultural company based in Chicago, to build an indoor farm that uses LED growth light for specific crops and is one of the largest indoor farms in the world.

It is understood that the indoor farm uses Philips LED "light formula", GSF will have 20 to 25 harvests a year, and save 85% of energy. This will significantly increase crop yields, reduce operating costs, and provide consumers with locally grown fresh vegetables throughout the year to ensure consumers' nutritional health and well-being.

GSF has invested millions of dollars and will be equipped with 14 plant heights of 7.62 meters in two environmentally controlled growing rooms and using Philips' energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to grow specific crops. LED lamps have a lower temperature and can be placed in an optimal position closer to the plant, thus ensuring that all parts of the plant are perfectly illuminated. This method eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers and preservatives, so that the output is organically improved, and there is almost no chemical addition, which coincides with the modern people's pursuit of high-quality green and healthy living.

“By partnering with a visionary agribusiness like GSF, Philips is creating a 'light formula' database for different plant varieties,” said Udo van Slooten, director of horticultural lighting at Philips. “The vertical hydroponics technology and Philips LED growth source that GSF is using is They bring a unique advantage - continuous production of quality crops throughout the year."

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