The key to the success of millet phones

The key to the success of millet phones

First, product image is the foundation of Xiaomi’s success. Xiaomi is the brand's success in following strategy and effective segmentation. First, bundle it with Apple. Second, because of the use of positioning and segmentation strategies, Xiaomi’s mobile phone is positioned as an Internet mobile phone, which has greatly stimulated consumer demand. Third, the entrepreneurial team of Xiaomi’s mobile phone is definitely a luxury lineup. Each founder has an average of over 15 years of experience in international and domestic first-class companies.

Second, low price is the trump card for Xiaomi’s success. With the same product, Apple will sell it for four or five thousand yuan and Xiaomi will only sell it for 1999 yuan. It can be said that Xiaomi’s mobile phone users are coveted by smart phones and have relatively limited affordability and relatively rational mobile phone users.

Third, e-commerce enabled Xiaomi miracles to be realized. The millet phone does not have a traditional terminal. He only has a network. Consumers do not need to go shopping. They can learn all aspects of Xiaomi's mobile phone on the Internet, and they can also receive goods that they like. In addition, Xiaomi mobile phone is the first to adopt the mode of buying, only need to pay 100 yuan in advance, even if the scheduled success. After receiving the shipping notice, consumers only need to make up the balance and can sit at home and receive the Xiaomi mobile phone.

Fourth, public relations spread to make everything move. Like the previous Apple, Xiaomi's mobile phone rarely advertised. This is the power of public relations. In today's Internet era, taking a look at the Internet, the most prominent position, there is a millet mobile phone evaluation, there is his Baidu Encyclopedia, overwhelming news reports discussing the millet, the network is full of all the information he needs to spread, keep manufacturing, It spreads continuously and stimulates the brains of consumers.

Electronic Drawing tablet Features: (drawing with pressure, slim and convenience, erase button, environment-friendly, sturdy and durable)
1.Non-toxic and environment-friendly health eraser board: it can be used as an educational toy, dictation board, calculation paper, drawing board, message board
2. No oil, no ink, dust, pressure painting, the key to clear, environment-friendly health, anti-fall-resistance
3. Reuse, save resources, save 20 trees of 10 age trees in one lifetime, add green for the earth

Digital drawing tablet Instructions:

1. Using the pen's own pen to write and draw, different pen pressures produce different line thicknesses
2. Press the clear key to clear the contents of the tablet

When cleared, the LCD Drawing Pad Tablet screen will flicker

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