Small component high performance - a compact alternative to -5 x 20 mm tubular fuses

The SCHURTER Universal Modular Fuse family has been further expanded to include a 1500 A open circuit capability at 277 VAC/250 VDC. The high breaking performance of the UMT-H makes this time-delay fuse ideal for high short-circuit current applications. Covering six rated current levels from 160 mA to 2 A and featuring 277 VAC and 250 VDC rated voltages, these products are truly versatile components.

The UMT-H measures 5.3 x 16 mm and is a replacement for the same specification of a 5 × 20 mm tubular fuse: saving valuable board space and helping to further reduce size. The key information about the certification, rated current and voltage can be easily and intuitively displayed at the location of the device logo.

The UMT-H is designed for a range of applications using tubular fuses, including basic printed circuit board overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and sensor and Power Supply. High breaking performance of up to 1500A, complemented by an end cap size of >10 mm, which meets the application requirements of explosion-proof components such as transponders, industrial control equipment exposed to chemical environments, and ballasts IEC 60079-11. The 277 VAC rated voltage also makes it possible to protect electrical appliances or equipment connected to the grid.

High efficiency Waterproof Power Supply is special used for outdoor .It designs for constant voltage and fully sealed internal glue with all-aluminum housing, waterproof level meets IP67, IP68 standards.

Waterproof led driver are widely used in LED, communications security, electric power, aerospace, industrial control systems, postal communications, vehicle, monitoring systems, railway signals, medical equipment instrumentation, display automation, limited television and other fields, with high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, high stability, low ripple and conforms to the certification and electromagnetic compatibility requirements. All products undergo high, low temperature and rain test , 100% full load aging and a full range of functions and protection test strictly.

waterproof power supply, led driver

waterproof power supply, led driver

waterproof power supply, led driver

Waterproof Power Supply

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