Mass production of new graphene or change the touch screen industry

Mass production of new graphene or change the touch screen industry
Graphene appeared in the laboratory in 2004, and it was discovered that two of Graphene's scientists from the University of Manchester in England also received the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics.
The general method for preparing graphene is to pass a carbon-containing gas into a high-temperature furnace so that the graphene is precipitated on a metal such as copper or nickel, but in order to actually use graphene, it is also necessary to transfer it from the metal to a silicon wafer or a polymer film. On the substrate, this process is more complicated than obtaining graphene, and it may destroy and contaminate graphene.
MIT technicians recently released a new transfer method that can significantly increase the efficiency of the transfer process. Their method is to make a metal-faced sandwich panel that deposits graphene on both sides of the metal instead of just one side. Attach the sandwich plate to a piece of glass. The metal and graphene are stripped, and the graphene is directly left on the glass. Such a glass can be used for the manufacture of televisions or mobile device screens.
This method not only limits the use of glass, but it can be used in the production of flexible materials for solar cells or directly on silicon chips.
Now that the experiment has proven the effectiveness of this method, what we need to do next is to further increase the output of high-quality graphene. This technology may cause a series of far-reaching chain reactions in the touch screen, solar cells and other fields in the future.
Graphene is a new material with a monolayer structure composed of carbon atoms. It is the thinnest and hardest nanomaterial known in the world. Because of its extremely low resistivity, electrons migrate at a very fast rate and can therefore be used to develop newer electronic components or transistors that are thinner and faster. Since graphene is essentially a transparent, good conductor, it is also suitable for making transparent touch screens, light panels, and even solar cells.

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