See still TV new system CANOS spy photos custom UI more simple and beautiful

Send new products, mad promotion, see the big move one by one in September. In recent days, a group of spy photos has been sent out on the Internet, pointing directly to one of the protagonists to be released in the "Third Month", the new system - CANOS.

September is still the brand season big orgy
For an electronic product, the comfort of the operating system directly affects the user experience. Intuitiveness, convenience, fluency, and the amount of hardware resources are all important criteria for measuring an operating system. We still released the test version of CANOS as early as June. As an Android-based deep-developed operating system, the test version of CANOS system resource occupies 450M of memory and 1.4G of storage, and it has a black technology function and it has just flowed out. According to the spy photos, these features are still available, which is very much looking forward to.

Extracted spy photos, you can see the UI interface is very clear
From the point of view of spy photos, compared to the original system interface of Super TV, the most intuitive change is the change of the UI interface. The new interface has changed the layout of the UI interface in the past, and the overall layout is clear and clear at a glance. Clear classification. Such a mediaized display form has a rich sense of design. From the perspective of “seeing what it looks like,” the latest CANOS has changed a lot. For those who have a huge amount of genuine resources, this kind of interface is very clear and fast. From this we can see that CANOS does a good job for users and brings a better interactive experience.

The original look is still super TV UI
From a deep level analysis, at the beginning of September, we saw the release of the CANsolo M portable Bluetooth speaker, CANbar S2 Pro with a living room audio and TV box, and the launch of the first domestic DTS zone on the TV side. “Online and offline dual-line linkage, and achieved a total channel sales of 79,000 units, sales easily exceeded 100 million yuan of good results, and September 27 launch of CANOS can be the greatest degree of hardware and content to achieve a "seamless link." To build a four-in-one ecosystem that includes “platform + content + terminal + service”. At the same time, users can enjoy an interactive experience that is controlled in the end. At the same time, this also means that the goal of building a large-screen eco-entertainer is about to be completed.

See the latest CANsolo M Portable Bluetooth Speaker

CANbar S2 Pro with a living room stereo and TV box
Seeing that the company has always been upholding the high quality and strict craftsmanship of its products, the CANOS smart operating system released on September 27 will give us different kinds of interactive experiences. Let us wait and see.

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