Gaming Headsets What do the speakers do? E-3LUE Echo H955 Headset Review

Looking at Xu’s video, I’m curious about starting this headset with the Yibo H955.

However, the previous headset was not bad, but because of this new, old one gave away.

After a few days of experience, I discovered that the gameplay is special. Where is it? Earphones can be connected to a 3.5mm cable without plugging the USB.

Obviously, USB does not have a sound card, but it does not emit light when it is not plugged in, and the speaker does not make a sound. It seems that USB and 3.5mm are irrelevant, but they are indispensable

So when you are curious, try to take a look and raise your position.

It looks like an ordinary gaming headset that can shine.

However, not only that, he is also a small speaker.

The principle of "audio-headphone" switching

There are a total of 4 speaker units inside the headset, a pair of 50mm headphone units, and a pair of 40mm (1.2 inch) speaker units.

Through a mode switch, you can switch between headphones and audio.

Probably the principle of groping is that the audio signal comes in from the 3.5mm interface (required).

The headset's USB is responsible for powering, providing LED backlight and driving speakers,

So the headset has 3 plugs (USB, 3.5mm headphone, 3.5mm microphone).

Before demolition

Take a photo before you split.

Dismantling part

With 50mm units, headphones are generally all-inclusive.

The headphone unit has sound-absorbing cotton on the outside of the headphone unit.

Looking at the ear shell, it looks like a metal mesh that is only available in open headphones, and the back of the net is actually a speaker speaker unit.

A louder voice was sent from here.

The headphone unit does not see any difference.

Speaker's 40mm magnetic horn, not big, 4Ω2W power,

The purple circle is from the speaker speaker unit.

Headphone horns and audio horns are "back-to-back" and share an external cavity that cannot work at the same time.

The unit on the right has always been a slave. Although there is a PCBA, the internal wiring is relatively simple.

A black line connects the headphone unit, and a red, black, and black line connects the speaker horn.

Look under the host section.

The structure of the left ear (host) is really complicated, the green PCB board and a few ic,

Most people may think it is noise reduction or multi-channel headphones.

PCB board materials and workmanship is also good, a big crack line,

With more than 2 units, the structure of the headset is much more complicated.

The back of the speaker horn can only see the magnetically shielded cover, the size is 40mm,

As for why not 50mm, it should be related to the shell design of the headset,

Larger units will destroy the beauty of the earmuffs, and lighting will be more difficult to design.

This switch is the most central control switch, headphones, or speakers,

Just toggle it and you can easily switch, provided the USB must be powered up.

With a complicated entrance, the welder seems to be OK.

The mic is in this position with a hidden microphone.

The design of the back-to-back of two units (headphones and speaker's respective speakers) was the first time I saw.

After the demolition, it was found that the cavity of the headset is limited, in order to avoid direct contact between the two units.

The speaker horn that requires higher internal cavity should be specially considered.

The composition of this PCB component should be a small amplifier system of this "speaker-headset".

The 16-pin ic should be the power amplifier chip and also the core of the "speaker-headphone" switch.

Of course, some of the remote control, as the volume, MIC mute button is also integrated in the above way.

Yibo H955 this audio game headset is indeed more complicated.

Personal feelings:

A total of 2W2 of sound is not enough, but it can only satisfy one person's room. It also requires a slightly quieter environment.

In a quieter room, the volume is at its maximum, and the loud details can still be heard.

The sound quality does not require anything, can hear a ring, after all, it is a "headphone" in a part-time job.

As a zero-time emergency or long-term relaxation, this state switching is very convenient.

As an accessory function, the presence of audio can still add a lot. Victory in function is not in sound quality.

Of course, the main purpose is to use this part of the game headset.

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