Diodes High Performance LED Driver

Diodes High Performance LED Driver

The new LED driver AL1696 from Diodes Incorporated is suitable for a wide range of Triac dimmable lighting applications, especially retrofit lamps. The new product integrates MOSFETs, eliminating the need for auxiliary windings, which reduces peripheral material costs and component count. The AL1696 has three MOSFET voltage/current rating models to give design flexibility to meet the production requirements of home lighting.

The AL1696 can be used to step-down or step-up and pull-down topology, using critical conduction mode to achieve constant-current conversion and high power factor. It also reduces switching noise, simplifying EMI/EMC testing and certification processes. This design requires only a single winding inductor and can achieve ±3% current detection accuracy. With 120μA low operating current and 150μA startup current, this device is compatible with a variety of leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmers, and complies with NEMA SSL6 Dimming curve standard.

The AL1696 offers a choice of 3A/300V, 2A/500V, and 2A/600V MOSFETs to meet the line market's input voltage requirements and is suitable for LED lamps up to 12W. It is available in a small SO-7 package that utilizes additional pin space between the high voltage MOSFET drain and low voltage pins to improve electrical isolation. The device is also equipped with output short-circuit, over-temperature, undervoltage lockout, leading-edge blanking and cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection.

Static Var Generator

FGI`s FGSVG series static var generator (SVG) adopts modern power electronics, automation, microelectronics and network communication technologies, adopts advanced instantaneous reactive power theory and power decoupling algorithm based on synchronous coordinate transformation, operate as the control target with the set reactive power and size, power factor and grid voltage, etc. FGI`s static generator for sale meets the high-end needs of customers with its easy operation, high performance and high reliability.

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