Purple rice QB810 mobile power & purple rice HA511 charger unpacking and test experience

First of all, the test of this article is not rigorous, the test equipment is amateur, and the conclusion drawn by individuals from simple test data is not necessarily correct. If there are mistakes, wrong conclusions, or mistakes, please forgive and correct me. Please do not spray master.

First, choose

Speaking of mobile power, the landlord did not know much about the time. About ten years ago, in the era of Nokia’s Symbian smartphones, Nokia mobile power was often seen in the brochure of mobile phone shop Nokia mobile phone color pages (it seems to be rectangular ), the price is more expensive. But at that time, the mobile phone was far from being charged at least once a day, and it was not today's descendants, so mobile power was rarely needed at that time.

More than four years ago, the landlord successively entered the 5000mAh (forgot model) and 15000mAh (Yijie C9) two mobile power supplies. As the mobile phone was replaced continuously, the screen became bigger and bigger. With network upgrades (3G-4G) and Internet traffic upgrades (4-5GB per month plus WIFI), power consumption is getting faster and faster. When mobile phones are out of power or in emergency, the two mobile power sources change from appearance (volume) to Performance (input and output) is no longer sufficient. At this point, fast-charged mobile phones and two-way fast-charge mobile phones have slowly appeared on the market, and they decided to buy a mobile power device that supports two-way fast charging. Based on considerations such as price, word-of-mouth, product features, etc., the scope of choice will be: millet mobile power with 10000mAh of power, two-way fast charge version of purple rice (QB810), and high-power version of millet mobile power supply.

Here's a simple list of parameters as follows:

These products have different positioning, pricing and parameters. It cannot be said that only one is the best. I believe that some value-friends have encountered the choice of these several issues, the landlord combined with personal needs, chose the purple rice two-way fast charge version (QB810).

At that time, Jingdong had a special price of 79 yuan, and the bill went to 120 yuan. With Jingdong full 100 minus 10 yuan coupons and 1000 Beijing beans, and then use the wings to pay 99 discounts and 30 discounts, taking down mobile power only spent 46 yuan.

Find ZMI purple rice QB810 two-way fast charge polymer mobile power supply 10000mAh79 yuan value of friends broke the original: Jingdong snapped up at 10 o'clock this evening, down to 79, with the price of the news broke before the same. Purple rice merchandise, trustworthy, support type-c moist Rune Jade | Value 4 Comments 22 Favorites 11 Direct Links View Details

Second, out of the box

Mobile power out of the box

The packaging of the power supply is packaged in a carton, and there is a seal. The purple rice LOGO and power parameters are affixed to the seal.

After opening, you can see the power supply's own box, white.

White box front view

The back of the product information.

Below the bar code there is a production date, in October 2016, the date is relatively new.

Origin is Tianjin.

There is also a security code.

Remove the power and find the package is tight

All items in the package are as follows: box, mobile power, data cable, and instructions.

Data line, white flat, length about 34CM


Instructions on charging in the manual

Power body, packaged in milky white bags.

Both sides have raised particles

Front corner LOGO

Outlet has a white sticker

Side printed with power parameters

Fast charge button

Tear-off sticker, output, Micro USB & Type C input, indicator

Compare with the bus card size.

Compared with the previously used product (Yijie C9, capacity 10000mAh):

In the figure below, the right side is purple rice

In the figure below, put the above for the purple rice

In the figure below, the following is purple rice

Purple rice HA511 charger out of the box:

The charger was purchased after purchasing the mobile power. On the 11th and 29th day, Zhang Da Ma’s promotion of the charger’s special price reached 29 yuan (seemingly a single historical low price). Send 1 meter of Android flat data cable, just in case the landlord has free shipping vouchers, but to see the comments a lot of people mentioned that the charger did not take long to be broken, there are also mentioned that does not support Apple devices more than 1A current charging. Hesitated for a long time and finally decided to buy it. With a white ticket 1 yuan coupons, 28 yuan to hand.

Charger box and distribution data line

Data line, model AL600, length 1 meter.

The back of the charger tray, the printing parameters, the parameters on the back of the charger box, model number is HA511.

In JD.com and Zimei Mall, the QC 2.0 fast charge is written in the merchandise details. This point was not mentioned in the packaging printing and manual.

The charger is simply packaged in a box and has a simple paper cover.

The side of the plug.

Jiangsu Chenyang Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Large gaps

Compared with the dual-port 24W ANKER, the volume is relatively small.

Third, charger testing, experience

Empty, 5.08V, 0A

In addition, it was found that when the power is unloaded, the ear is close to the charger in a quiet environment, and a buzzing sound can be heard in the charger and the sound disappears when the load is applied.

4.7 ohm load, output: voltage 5.06V, current 1.04A

2.2 ohm load resistance, output: voltage 5.28V, current 2.23A

4.7 ohm +2.2 ohm resistors in parallel with output: voltage 3.75V, current 2.23A

Voltage and current drop is very powerful, this is more accidental, this result is not as good as behind the comparison of Yijie mobile power load output

Take ANKER 24W Dual Port Charger Comparison: Output 5.07V, 3.02A

Based on this comparison, the purple HA511 may not support current output above 2A at 5V.

Red rice NOTE3 cell phone charging (mobile power standard data line): output 5.25V, 1.88A

Charging Purple Mobile Power Supply (Mobile Power Standard Data Cable): Output 9.04V, 2.05A

Fourth, mobile power use experience (charge and discharge)

Connect the mobile phone and mobile power with the data cable, the mobile phone will start charging directly, and the indicator light will begin to flash (the number of flashes depends on the mobile power supply).

When the charger is used to charge the mobile power, the indicator will also flash, and after the full charge, the four indicators will be on.

Charge with normal 5V2A charger:

With purple rice HA511 fast charge charger, after connecting the charger, the side blue fast charge indicator lights up automatically, indicating automatic entry into 9V2A fast charge mode.

When the phone is full, the indicator will not automatically extinguish, and will be extinguished when the line is unplugged.

Personally feel this is not very good.

The following is a simple test (equipment testing may not be accurate for entertainment/reference purposes only)


The USB current voltage tester purchased by Taobao;

Charger: ANKER Dual Port 4.8A Charger (Single Port Maximum Output 2.4A)

Data Cable: Mobile Power Standard Data Cable / ANKER Charger Distribution Data Cable / Red Rice NOTE3 Standard Data Cable

Mobile Phone: Red Rice NOTE3 (Battery 4000mAh)

1), empty

Voltage 5.23V, current 0A.

2), output (discharge)

Power the USB fan

Voltage 5.19V, current 0.22A

Powering cottage USB lights

Voltage 5.21V, current 0.17A

Use the mobile power standard data cable to charge red rice NOTE3 mobile phone (remaining battery 10%).

Voltage 5.11V, current 1.62A

With the remaining 80% of power, plug in the tester and a 10W, 4.7Ω RX21 type resistor (approximately 1A in current) load:

Voltage 5.15V, current 1.02A

For the remaining 80% of the power, plug in the tester and a 10W, 2.2 ohm RX21 type resistor (about 2A in current) load:

Voltage 5.08V, current 2.11A

When the remaining 100% power is available, plug in the tester and 4.7 ohm shunt 2.2 ohm load:

Voltage 4.39V, current 2.61A (voltage and current drop more severe)

Charge red rice NOTE3 mobile phone (remaining battery 10%) with mobile power and ANKER charger data cable:

Voltage 5.11V, current 1.60A

4) Charge to other equipment

Mobile power standard charging line, red rice NOTE3 cell phone (battery 4000mAh) charge

a) Mobile phone power 5%→100% once, 40%→100%

b), mobile phone power 5% → 100% once, 20% → 99%

c) Mobile phone power 10%→100% once, 20%→90%

The rough conclusion is: You can charge the red rice NOTE3 mobile phone battery of 4000aAh battery about 1.6 times. For 10000aAh mobile power, this result is basically qualified.

3), input (charge)

Charge with ANKER charger + purple rice standard data cable:

Voltage 5.22 V, current 1.27A.

Charging time test (electricity from 0%-100%):

The first test:

Equipment: ANKER 24W dual port charger + Red rice NOTE3 standard data line + USB current and voltage tester

Charging time: about 10 hours

Charging to the 9th hour and 34th minute, the current is only 0.15A, and the last indicator is still blinking.

Charged to the 9th and 57th minutes, the current is only 0.02A, the indicator light is all on, not flashing.

I feel this time is obviously long, I do not know whether it is the reason for adding a tester.

The power displayed by the instrument is 8.839Ah. This value of the sensor tester is not very accurate.

The second test:

Equipment: ANKER 24W Dual Charger + Purple Mobile Power Standard Data Cable

Charging time: 6 hours

The third test:

Equipment: ANKER 24W Dual Charger + Purple Mobile Power Standard Data Cable

Charging time: 5.9 hours

The fourth test:

Equipment: Purple rice HA511 fast charge + purple rice mobile power standard data line.

Charging time: 3.5 hours

At the beginning of charging, voltage and current can reach 9V2A

When there are 2 lights flashing, the voltage and current values ​​are as follows

When the last lamp flashes, the current has gradually dropped by 0.2A and is still slowly falling

Simple rough conclusion: It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the 5V2A, and it takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge the 9V2A.

In addition, during the charging process also found:

a. Regardless of which charger is charged, the first 3 lights are half charged (about 3 hours or so) before they are flashed. Only the last light is blinking, which means that the last light flashes for the longest time.

b. Charging with the purple rice HA511 charger 9V2A, the heat of the mobile power socket is very hot, slightly hot.

4) Compared with other products

Specifically used to compare the previous 15000aAh mobile power (Yijie C9).

The parameters printed on this product, the maximum output is 5V2.1A (should refer to the total output of the dual port)

No load 5.01V, 0A

Single-port tester and 10W, 4.7 ohm RX21 type resistor (approx. 1A) load:

Voltage 4.90V, current 0.98A

Single-port tester and 10W, 2.2 ohm RX21 type resistor (approx. 2A current) load:

Voltage 4.81V, current 2.01A

Single-port plug-in tester and 10W 4.7 ohm RX21 type resistor & 10W 2.2 ohm RX21 type resistor in parallel load:

Voltage 4.69V, current 2.8A (This result is better than purple rice ???)

Use the purple rice standard data cable to charge red rice NOTE3 mobile phone (remaining battery 10%):

Voltage 4.93V, current 0.44A.

One USB port plus 10W, 4.7 ohm RX21 type resistor (current about 1A) load, and the other port with purple rice standard data line to red rice NOTE3 mobile phone (remaining battery 10%) charge:

Voltage 4.90V, current 0.44A. Compared with the single port output above, the decrease is not significant.

One USB port plus 10W, 2.2 ohm RX21 type resistor (current about 2A) load, and the other port with purple rice standard data line to red rice NOTE3 mobile phone (remaining battery 10%) charge:

Voltage 4.84V, current 0.40A.

The output parameters are not up to standard. It is no wonder that this mobile power supply has a bad experience of slow charging.

Six, a simple summary

Purple rice HA511 fast charger:

1, support 9V2A, 12V1.5A fast charge, the price is cheaper.

2, the volume is a little bit too big, 9V2A fast fever when the heat is too much.

3, when the power is unloaded, there is a buzzing noise, and when the load disappears, the noise disappears.

4, work needs to be improved.

Purple rice QB810 mobile power:

1, the volume, weight, surface non-slip particles, enhance the feel, but the side is bright plastic easy to scratch.

2、2 kinds of input ports are convenient for selection, and can be automatically charged after connecting digital devices.

3, the output parameters basically meet the standard.

4. The output power is slightly lower than the millet mobile power supply 2.

5, (in the case of the device being supported) fast charge mode requires manual selection to start.

6. When the self-charging is full or the phone is fully charged, the indicator light will not turn off automatically.

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