Everlight Electronics Introduces Highly Sensitive, Lightweight Photointerrupter for Office Applications

A leading manufacturer of LED optoelectronics in the world, Yiguang Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a series of ITR reflective photointerrupters for photoelectric switches, printers, copiers and scanners based on 30 years of professional LED component research and development experience. For the ITR1201, it is suitable for many office applications.

This ITR1201SR10A/TR is mainly used for light reflection switch. It consists of GaAs IR-LED and NPN silicon phototransistor. It adopts a unique double molding process. Compared with the traditional photo-interrupter, the surface flatness is much improved and reliable. The degree/reliability is greatly improved, the volume is more precise and lighter (only 1.5 mm), and the distance sensing and infrared operating range are extremely sharp and the reaction speed is fast, the photocurrent output is stable, and the effective filtering is 700 nm. In the visible light band below, the moisture level is increased from Level 4 to Level 3.

Yiguang's reflective and conductive optical ITR series are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Sample and technical support: Mass production is available now on demand: first quarter of 2015

Yiguang ITR1201 combines infrared light emitting source and phototransistor, adopts double molding process (choose the appropriate package structure and product materials according to customer requirements) (This article is submitted by Yiguang)

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