Engineering selects some parameters of linear imaging pattern lights

A distinguishing feature of linear imaging luminaires is the use of plano-convex mirror combinations, in part possibly using reflectors and concave lenses.
There are a large number of lighting designers in the lighting industry who graduated from art majors, and some designers have a little difficulty in mathematics formulas and excel calculations.
Figure: A pattern light is mounted on the ceiling and illuminates the front wall:
1 a pattern light installed in the ceiling
The letter D represents the diameter of the spot required, in meters;
The letter d represents the vertical distance of the luminaire from the illuminated surface, in meters;
The letter Ea is the average illuminance of the spot required;
These three parameters are the main parameters used to calculate the angle of the luminaire and the wattage calculation.
The letter d1 represents the distance from the center point of the spot to the vertical line of the face.
Θ1 represents the angle between the deviation of the central optical axis from the point to the vertical line of the surface;
Θ2 represents the spot angle of the pattern lamp;
Eo represents the average background illumination of the wall (and some are estimates);
Have the following calculations:
2 has the following calculation
Formula (1) is used to calculate the angle of the pattern lamp tilting. This is related to the field installation. It is generally related to the adjustable angle of the pattern light. Some of the pattern lights are bent and adjusted by the concave and convex metal die castings. Generally, there are gear positions, such as 10 Degree and so on. Some also use pressure friction to lock, and some projects are solved by using a single-sided pad plastic gasket on the lamp mounting base when the angle is not consistent.
Generally, θ1 is not more than 45 degrees, because the pattern elliptical deformation is involved, and the sharpness is deteriorated.
Enter "=ATAN (d1 value / d value) / 3.14159 * 180" in Excel
You can get θ1
Equation (2) is used to calculate the exit spot angle of the luminaire. Enter “=ATAN(D/2/SQRT(d*d+d1*d1))/3.14159*180*2” in Excel.
You can get θ2
Generally, θ2 needs to select the gear position nearby. The common gear positions are 12 degrees, 19 degrees, 26 degrees, 36 degrees 60 degrees, etc., and the pattern lamp with a certain zoom range can also be selected.
Generally, the smaller the angle θ2 is, the longer the imaging optical axis is. The smaller the angle is, the narrower the luminaire property can be selected, and the more severe the selection of the pattern sheet is. In addition, due to the content of GOBO film cutting, the original light angle of the manufacturer will be slightly larger than the demand angle.
The formula (3) is relatively simple, and the contrast is used to calculate the required illuminance, which is generally between 5 and 10 times, and different environments are applicable to different multiples.
Manufacturers generally use Ea multiplied by the spot area to calculate the total lumens, and then divide by 30 (lm / W) to get the required source wattage, in the absence of suitable lamps, often have to split the required pattern For example, 2*2, 3*3 to stitch a desired pattern.
For the pattern sheet, it is generally a glass material, and the multi-layer pattern uses a plurality of color sheets, all of which are laser-cut, and the more the color layer, the greater the light loss.
3-layer pattern using multi-layer color chips
Some designers have made gradients when making effects. Currently, there are few gradation glass patterns on the market, which are more expensive and cannot be mass-produced.
In addition, some manufacturers also push out the 3D glass pattern sheet after etching. For luminaires with excessive axial intensity, a stainless steel pattern is used.
3D glass pattern sheet
In addition to this, in order to add content, the pattern lamp also partially uses a prism, a center-symmetric prism and a parallel prism.
The central symmetrical prism is generally a 3-prism and an 8-prism. Taking the 8-prism as an example, eight centrally symmetrical spots will be obtained. The lines of each spot will form an octagon, and each spot will point to the center. With this feature, the star pattern is used. You can get a considerable number of stars.
The spot parallel prisms obtain several spots in the same direction on a straight line. Using this optical feature, a suitable snowflake pattern piece can be used to obtain a large piece of snow.
The pattern lights are used outdoors, especially when illuminating the floor, the distance index d tends to become very large, possibly up to 100 meters, which requires θ1 to be reduced, high-intensity lamps can be reduced to within 4 degrees, and axial light intensity can be reached. 2 million cd, under this condition, because the internal beam of the luminaire is already small, the GOBO film will be very fine, and making complex vector images on the GOBO film becomes a very difficult task.
When the pattern lamp is used outdoors, especially when the floor is illuminated, the bevel index θ1 tends to become very large, which will aggravate the deformation of the pattern. In order to correct the deformed spot back to the required spot, mathematical correction of the vector is required.
When the illuminated surface becomes a curved surface, especially when the curvature is large, the pattern light begins to lose its effectiveness, and it is often necessary to rely on a projector brand with more correction functions.
In addition to these parameters, the color drift caused by the old light source, the uniformity of the spot color produced by the LED light source, and the sharpness of the spot are also indicators that cannot be ignored when selecting the pattern light.

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