Hongli photoelectric deep ultraviolet LED inhibits the growth of static water bacteria

Water purifiers are already common, but according to market analysis and statistics, household water dispensers still occupy a large market share. Household water dispensers generally use barreled pure water as a water source. A bucket of pure water is about 20L. Ordinary households need 4 to 7 days to finish drinking. During this period, bacteria have begun to grow in water dispensers and buckets. Water is not pure.

In response to this static water bacteria breeding problem, Hongli Optoelectronics developed a corresponding sterilization solution. The company cooperated with well-known domestic water purification manufacturers to verify the feasibility of the program--using Hongli Optoelectronics' deep ultraviolet (UVC) LED It effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria in static water, and the "pure water" of household water dispensers has a new guarantee.

[Static water sterilization scheme simulation and process]

The experimental scheme adopts a static water storage device. The inside of the device is plated with a specular reflection layer. Under a certain volume, an appropriate amount of lamp beads are evenly distributed inside the top cover of the device. The light source directly irradiates the water surface to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the container and pass Increase the duration of action to kill bacteria.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of static water sterilization device model

The experimental procedure refers to the national standard GB 4789, as follows:

1. Prepare the culture medium required for bacterial culture, and prepare the plate for use in a sterile environment;

2. Pour the water mixed with bacteria into the static water sterilizing device, leaving a certain distance between the water surface and the top cover of the container;

3. Light the LED for intermittent light sterilization;

4. After 20 minutes, take out the water sample, carry out colony culture, and then take a water sample at a certain time for numbering;

5. To compare the bactericidal effects of 5 groups of water samples, the experiment is over.

Figure 4 microbiological experiment detection flow chart

The experimental results refer to the GB T 5749 document, and the number of drinking water colonies is less than 100 cfu/mL as follows:

Table 1 Mobile water sterilization data

Figure 2 Corresponding to the sterilization effect photo of Table 1 (the red circle mark in the figure is a typical bacterial colony)

[Hongli Optoelectronics - the only deep ultraviolet LED research and development packaging company in China]

As the only packaging company in China that can produce deep-UV LEDs, Hongli Optoelectronics not only has a large-scale production line of deep-UV LEDs, but also has set up its own professional microbiology testing laboratory, which is also the only among domestic LED counterparts. In line with the concept of perfect service, Hongli Optoelectronics can provide pre-sales technical support for deep-UV LED applications, and provide the best application solutions and strict program verification for the customers through independent microbiology testing laboratories and third-party authoritative organizations. The client confirms the effectiveness and feasibility of the program.

In addition to the water purification field described above, deep UV LEDs can also be used for the sterilization of clean air, food and medical devices. With consumer demand for “health”, increased demand for household disinfection and a decline in product costs, it is believed that deep UV UVC LEDs will usher in a global outbreak! (This article is contributed by Hongli Optoelectronics)

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