LED new model electricity supplier and intelligent line

LED new model electricity supplier and intelligent line

The LED lighting industry's disorderly and explosive growth stage has reached its final stage, and the industrial transformation is just around the corner. Under the “Internet+” wave, many LED lighting companies are also seeking to integrate with the Internet industry, whether it is channel expansion or business thinking. Gradually carved on the brand of Internet thinking.

Suning President Zhang Jindong said, I never know what will happen to the Internet tomorrow. Xu Wenpeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Industry Lighting, also proposed that companies in the future cannot rely on a business model to go to the end. With the in-depth development of the Internet in production and life, domestic LED lighting companies are undergoing a passive or active transformation. LED lighting industry in the period of channel and brand competition gradually merges with e-commerce and smart homes on the Internet and embarks on a new transformation road.

As a LED lighting company with many years of hard work, industrial lighting has always maintained its first-mover advantage in LED applications. Entering the Internet age, the issue of e-commerce model innovation has always been a subject of in-depth research and discussion by the industry. The new model of e-commerce for the platform is becoming a banner in the industry.

Architecture e-commerce platform flat management into a strong agent

Experience and channels have always been the weakness of the "traditional" e-commerce platform. Although "net" has a very large number of users, the promotion of individual brands has been difficult, and it has been extremely weak under the "big" corporate products. The absence of offline experience services blocks large groups of consumers and criticizes people.

“In this regard, the E-shop has done a lot of innovations, of which the major highlight is the unique experience of direct sales model, integration of the lighting industry's traditional e-commerce and channel sales business model,” the chairman of the industry electricity lighting Xu Wenpeng introduced, While realizing online shopping, consumers will be able to get a physical experience of the product directly at the store, integrate the experience of the physical store and the convenience of the e-commerce, and integrate and leverage each other to achieve information sharing and advantages of offline experience and online transactions. Complementary. At present, the main store based on this model innovation has already opened in Jiangmen, which means that from the concept to the landing, the store has taken a substantial step.

According to reports, the online shopping mall online integration of high-quality upstream manufacturers of products, including lighting lighting, smart products, digital electronics, hardware tools and other products, online, with prefecture-level cities as a unit to build a physical experience shop system, By integrating the resources of physical stores and using the carrier terminal “PAD shopping guide” as a carrier, the intention is to provide the limited operating space for physical stores to provide consumers with unlimited product choices. “Consumers can make physical experiences online and make the actual shopping experience possible. The more sharing of product information on the Internet further resonates with consumers. At the same time, online direct purchases can make offline stores zero. Inventories have reduced the risk of partners' inventory backlog, said Xiao Nanfang, general manager of marketing and marketing at EI Lighting, and the advantages of this model are obvious.

Some industry professionals believe that the flattening of the management and promotion of e-commerce platforms is a trend. E-Mall has great expectations for self-developed terminal PAD shopping guides. Xiao Nan believes that platform and business will be linked together. Whether it is offline promotion or brand maintenance, a complete and fast evaluation will be established. Responsibility system.

Intelligentization for E-commerce to Advance Development

Based on the trend of future development, and at the same time as a consideration of the reserve forces of the mall, CE Lighting will regard the intelligent home lighting control system as its future corporate development strategy. “The cross-industry technology and smart new products can make the mall platform more compatible,” and intelligence has become an action, and in fact, the current industry lighting has initially established a complete solution in the intelligent lighting control system.

At the conversation site, Chairman of the board of directors of the company, Xu Wenpeng, demonstrated a series of intelligent lighting controls based on mobile terminals. Different from the traditional LED dimming control solutions, such as intelligence, low degree of personalization, and inconvenient control, the intelligent lighting control solution developed by the industry lighting is composed of mobile device APP software, WIFI routers, and smart LED lights. Light switch, adjust tone.

"The research and development of intelligent lighting products must also be for the development of the docking industry electric mall," said Xiao Nan. Future Electronics Mall will also join forces with members of the Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment and Wearables Association to regularly release smart technology and new products. These smart products (such as intelligent sweeping robots, smart watches, and smart bracelets) will have more experience, technological content and innovation. Higher by experiencing more buying behaviors that attract consumers.

The traditional distributor channel realizes perfect grafting

As an innovation in the e-commerce model, the platform needs to be recognized by the market, and the “channel” is also the key. Industry Lighting has relatively high quality distributor channels throughout the country, but it is relatively weak in platform distribution.

E-Mall thinks that combining the traditional product sales channels, it will seamlessly graft the electric lighting high-quality distributor channel to the distribution and promotion of E-Mall, and realize the dual-track development of “E-commerce + store-shop”.

“We have already explored the integration of existing dealer channels and e-commerce platforms to integrate their business into platform protection,” said Xiao Nan. In the future, the company will use more than 1,000 offline retail outlets in the country as its target for expansion. The original customers, teams, logistics and distribution resources of the large-scale channel dealers under their line effectively make it an existing resource advantage.

According to Xu Wenpeng, Chairman of CE Lighting, the transformation of the LED industry from the first stage (price competition) to the second stage (capital competition) has come. Enterprises cannot stand still and should act on their own accord, no matter whether it is an innovation of existing models or The exploration of the new model is worthwhile to do. The creation of an influential e-commerce platform based on TOEIC lighting will also be an active exploration of the industry.

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