Vintage Knob-style TV for only 4,600 yuan

Vintage Knob-style TV for only 4,600 yuan For the 80s, the memory for the TV starts with a black-and-white TV with a rotary knob, a tuning sound, and an adjustment channel. Although it is now considered that such television sets are old-fashioned, it was really enjoyable at that time.

In order to stimulate everyone's memories of this TV, according to foreign media reports, South Korea's LG company recently introduced a retro-style knob design TV. This TV model is 32LN630R, using a 32-inch LCD screen. The overall shape is very similar to that of the televisions of the 1970s and 1980s. Speakers and control switches, volume, and channel buttons were all designed to the right of the screen, and a very simple bracket design was used.

The physical resolution of LG 32LN630R has reached 1920×1080, and it adopts IPS hard screen panel and supports USB port and MHL interface.

It is reported that this 32LN630R is currently sold in Korea for 840,000 won (approximately 4,600 yuan), but LG is that this TV will not temporarily land overseas markets.

The PufangTech`s wireless data modem is used to replace standard RS232 and RS485 serial communication cables. It provides a transparent connection between source and destination terminal and requires no knowledge of the data it is transmitting and the data can be simply sent and received with minimal delay. 

With 12.5KHz channel spacing, the over-air transmission adopts different modulation scheme to meet various air rates. For air rate below 1200 bps,  modulation scheme of FSK is used. For air rate of 1200, 2400 or 4800bps, MSK or FFSK modulation scheme is used. At 8000bps air rate, GMSK modulation scheme is adopted and at 9600bps air rate, the modulation is 4-level FSK. With 25KHz channel spacing, GMSK modulation scheme can support air rate of 16000bps and 4-level FSK can support 19200bps.

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