Common sense of home appliances: see what precautions for home appliance installation

Home Appliances China Information Network News: In the home appliance industry, there is a saying that "three-point quality, seven-point installation." As a consumer, it is not easy to buy a home appliance that suits you. However, as a user, the installation and placement of home appliances needs more attention. Some irregular installation methods or placement methods may even be possible. Lay a safety hazard!
Water heaters should be installed as much as possible by professionals.

The splicing touch frame is an important part of the touch splicing screen system. Compared with other media propaganda carriers, the touch splicing screen reflects the extensiveness, intuitiveness, and fun of human-computer interaction and presentation, and has a strong visual impact. It has made a big step forward in the development of the touch industry. It is also a promoter of super-sized display integrated touch. The large-sized spliced touch TV display wall has involved schools, shopping malls, banks, digital exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, and government Institutions and military command can be equipped with digital content, interactive games, animation, 3D, VR, interactive audio and video, etc. It is an indispensable and effective application device for today's interactive large-screen demonstrations.

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Large Infrared Touch Frame

Large Splicing Infrared Touch FrameIr Multi Touch Frame

Led Touch Screen TV WallLarge-size Infrared Touch ScreenLCD Touch Screen TV Wall

Large Infrared Touch Frame (Splicing)

Large Infrared Touch Frame,Large Splicing Infrared Touch Frame,Ir Multi Touch Frame,Led Touch Screen TV Wall,Large-size Infrared Touch Screen,LCD Touch Screen TV Wall

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