Office lighting essentials analysis

For office buildings, lighting design is an extremely important aspect of functionality, aesthetics and energy efficiency. The work of modern offices has become a matter of information flow and communication, and changes in the way work have also affected changes in public and private office space. Every morning, I sneak into my office cubicle, and at night I go back to my own way of working, and I am gradually replaced by new, more flexible and personalized work arrangements.
Everyone used to work on their own desk when they were working. Now everyone works in different teams because of the different projects they work on. Each team also has many different professional staff, and their office equipment is more. Mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and PDAs are used. Everyone can decide when and where to work, and people will work differently, and their communication and communication will become increasingly important to complete the work. The role. Flexible working hours, work content and workplaces will naturally affect the architectural design of the office space. Individual work will be done more at the home office or at the customer's site, and the company's office building will become more of a communication center, becoming a place for meetings and exchanges between employees, employees and customers. Therefore, the design of conference rooms and rest areas has become the most important part of office building design. Multi-functional offices and flexible offices have become the preferred workplaces. Therefore, the design of office buildings must include a comprehensive color scheme, furniture package, lighting and air conditioning system to become a unified whole. The central purpose of all designs is to ensure that employees' needs for effective work are met. A pleasant working environment can effectively promote the enthusiasm and efficiency of employees. The challenge for office building design is how to create an office environment that can effectively meet functional requirements while creating a pleasant atmosphere. Among these, proper lighting plays a key role, because good lighting can ensure good visual effects and greatly affect the user's perception and reaction to the characteristics of the entire building and interior.
The purpose of office lighting is simply to provide office users with the light they need to complete their work tasks, and to further create a high-quality, comfortable light environment based on the physiological and psychological needs of the user. The focus of office lighting design is to create a bright and comfortable light environment to enhance the work enthusiasm of the staff and improve work efficiency. Lighting experts and the general public have agreed that the quality of the lighting environment can affect visual effects and human subjective feelings. There are many discussions about the basic requirements of office lighting. The author himself has published a lot of related articles. Interested readers can first check the series of articles on the status quo and future of office lighting last year. In this issue, I believe readers have seen a lot of office space with different styles and distinct personality. I tried to combine the lighting treatment of similar office space to analyze the demand and way of office space lighting mainly due to the change of office mode. influences.
1Italy MCA Architects
Italian MCA Architects.
2Italy MCA Architects
Italian MCA Architects.
3Italy MCA Architects
Italian MCA Architects.
4 A scene of the office of Safridge Department Store
The scene of the Seyfried department store's office is like a small conference room with a perspective view from the seamless lighting and furniture.
For most people, the office and home are the longest places to stay, and the boundaries between the two are increasingly blurred by the emergence of soho and the emergence of diversified office buildings. But one thing has never changed, that is, the pursuit of more comfortable and more humane design. The tedious “white-collar workshop” has gradually become a luxury office building with an indoor playground for the gym game room. The light environment that has a great impact on the efficiency of the staff has also changed a lot.
Compared to the commercial space lighting and museum space mentioned before, because people need to stay longer in the office and usually are limited to a small range (the biggest consequence is the importance of office lighting energy saving), office Lighting design pays more attention to the effects of light on the body and visual psychology. For example, in 2002, a third type of visual cell connected to the optic nerve and the pineal gland (translated by Mr. Yang Gongxia into Sichen cells) was found, and the illumination was related to the action of human hormones and the biological clock reaction. These findings have shifted the focus of office lighting, not only to provide adequate illumination uniformity and color control on the work surface (these requirements now seem easy), but by effectively avoiding glare, vertical The lighting and lighting control, the introduction of natural light, etc. to meet the deep needs of people, more energy-efficient and humane is the pursuit of office space lighting.
The environment of office lighting usually has several levels, namely global light, that is, ambient lighting, local key lighting and lighting control. The highly uniform global light is the method often used in previous office buildings. The regular array of lamps can meet the national standard rules, but it is not the excellent design we are pursuing. This is the easiest and most labor-saving way, but makes the overall space boring and boring, there is no focus light without shadow level, experience the whole space also tastes chewing wax, plain and unremarkable.
Unlike the pursuit of a highly uniform global distribution, consciously enhancing the illumination in the local work area will make the entire office space more hierarchical. For example, the work surface has a high illumination of 500 lx, while reducing the circulation area to 300 lx. The division also provides some margin for vertical lighting in the energy economy. Through the improvement of the arrangement of the lamps and the combination of various lighting elements, the combination of general lighting and accent lighting can achieve better results. The office environment requires a bright, glare-free state and requires visual fatigue under long-term visual work. Strong contrast is not good for the working environment (this is essential for commercial light environments), usually the brightness level of the working surface is no more than 3:1, or not less than 1:3.
The universal use of lighting control is more personal. This also provides employees with autonomy and convenience. Especially for older employees, they have higher requirements for the visual environment. Generally speaking, the 50-year-old staff needs twice the illuminance level of the 20-year-old staff.
With the development of technology, today's light sources are getting smaller and smaller, and the light efficiency is higher, but this is not all good news, because it means that the surface brightness of some light sources is too high. For example, the fluorescent tube of T5 is much higher than the surface brightness of T8 fluorescent tube. For office environment, the brightness of T5 bare light source is a problem. It is easy to cause glare and attract too much attention, even in the design of lamps. There is a vertical grille occlusion, and seeing the light source can also cause discomfort for a specific range of angles. A semi-mirror grille or a specially treated outer cover will improve the glare problem. Try to avoid the use of grille luminaires with full specular reflection, especially where the display is used more. The choice of fixtures for the work surface needs to be considered whether it will interfere with the adjacent office workers.
5 Australian AAR Law Firm
Australian AAR Law Firm.
6Australian AAR Law Firm
Australian AAR Law Firm.
7Australian AAR Law Firm
Australian AAR Law Firm.
For a typical office space, it usually consists of an open office space (central office area), a private office area (unit office area), and other public areas. The public area includes meeting rooms, reception, lounges and more. The open office area requires relatively uniform lighting, and the requirements for lighting control are not too high, and more economical. For office areas with compartments or office furniture, the cooperation of the lamps on the work surface is even more required. For high-end office space, direct/indirect luminaires provide a better visual environment. For spaces with insufficient ceiling height, embedded luminaires with built-in reflections will increase the brightness of the entire ceiling surface, reducing the contrast relative to The luminaires that use the grille alone are also much more comfortable. Lighting in private offices is more flexible, and there are more ways to adapt to the interior layout, building orientation and natural lighting. The choice of lamps is also more colorful as the style of the interior changes.
Meeting rooms and similar open spaces that meet the needs of communication need to take into account the importance of communication. Vertical lighting is essential. Attention to the working surface requires sufficient illumination to highlight the expression of the characters. Space lighting requires the addition of light to the faces of people sitting on the back window. For spaces with video conferencing, vertical lighting is even more important in order to facilitate effective communication. Two different lighting systems are usually chosen, one providing ambient light by indirect illumination and one direct illumination to provide accent lighting, and the two systems can be individually dimmed. Usually the illumination value of 500 lx can meet the needs of conference communication and video. A conference room has different functions in different occasions, meetings, small gatherings, ppt presentations, etc., so the use of lighting control systems to achieve scene conversion is essential.
The integrated office is a recent trend, and more and more companies are adopting this approach. It is a complete office space, promoting communication and communication, inspiring the spirit of teamwork, and the environment is more relaxed. It combines open offices, private offices, and public areas of conference rooms, so a variety of fixtures and multiple levels of illumination are required in such an environment.
Of course, hot topics in recent years, the introduction of natural light, the application of lighting control systems, etc. are also reflected in office space lighting, and the form of lighting fixtures has become more diverse with the style of interior design, which is focused on shaping corporate image and spirit. Designer offices, law firms, and IT, consulting, and other offices are particularly eye-catching.
The first thing that appears in the picture is an Italian smart office, an open space of up to 200 m, with a long table running through the space, reflecting an intuitive working model. The central part of the table is equipped with an indirect lighting system. The adjacent long table is a cylindrical space that can be used as a private office, a meeting room in the rest room, etc., and these "cylinders" become a source of diffuse soft light in the space. One of the luminous tents became a chic landscape.
The other figures are similar, satisfying both the functional requirements of the lighting and the spatial effects. Years ago, IBM's office buildings in the UK met the diverse needs of users with changes in light color and lighting. Such cases have emerged in recent years, leading the era of office lighting into characterization. But lighting designers must remember that any innovation in office lighting must be a change that takes into account the quality and quantity, and that doing better in meeting people's visual and psychological needs is king! Looking back at the office buildings introduced in this issue of the magazine, readers can taste a good taste.

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