Lotte under the night table speaker

Urban family life is often affected by the hustle and bustle of the city, so more and more people are beginning to pursue a healthier lifestyle. As a must-have product for homes, speakers have always existed in a traditional way. Today, this new concept speaker recommended by Xiaobian completely subverts the concept of traditional speakers, which will bring a comfortable home to the bustling urban life. Feel - Lotte under the night table speaker. Inspired by the details of life, this speaker is a combination of retro and stylish, black and gray retro wood grain, smooth feel panel, metallic border mesh speaker network, overall looks stylish and calm, refined and restrained . Whether it is in the study, or on the coffee table, the square table can be perfectly integrated into various environments. It is called "Night Watch" because it is inspired by the intimate design of the details of life. For users who are not very sleepy, the ticking of the clock in the darkness of the night will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of falling asleep, serious and even uncomfortable, upset. Other users like to lie in bed and pay attention to time, but it is not so easy to see the time in the dark. Lotte designed this night-time table speaker for these details in life. It has an oversized LED display , and the time display is clear and soft, so you don't have to get up and watch the time. There is no sound of moving around the clock. On a quiet night, it will not disturb sleep, bringing a quiet sleep experience.

The comfort of urban homes The alarm clocks, clock calendars and temperature displays that are often used in the family of music in the night are perfect. These functions can be freely modulated on the back of the speaker. The design is intimate and practical. Whether it is the elderly, children, office workers or office business, its appearance will add endless fun and fresh feeling to life and work.
Art speaker creates a new atmosphere in the home appliance market. Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned intimate home multi-functional embodiment, as a speaker product, its speaker function has also been perfectly interpreted. The speaker uses a special 2-inch full-range speaker unit to bring perfect pure sound quality, and the sound quality of bass and treble playback is more pure. The cabinet materials and complex processes are more elaborate than the general speakers. The functions are integrated just right, the meticulous texture and meticulous advanced technology make this speaker have extraordinary artistic characteristics. At the top of the speaker, you can use USB devices such as mobile phones, computers and other digital products. You can also insert an SD card to play MP3 music directly, and adjust the volume, track and mode. The antenna on the back of the speaker is used to receive the FM radio function, which can automatically search for the radio and automatically store 20 stations for listening at any time. For the elderly and friends who like to listen to the radio, the design is also quite human.

Urban home comfort experience From the music under the night table speaker This speaker's power supply design is also novel and unique, should be very familiar with friends with mobile phones. This speaker is creatively built with a high-capacity lithium battery. It can be charged at any time, like the mobile phone battery. In addition to lithium battery, it can also be powered by an external power supply. This dual power supply mode design makes the power supply of the speaker rich and diverse. Large LED display, alarm reminder function, clock perpetual calendar, heating and cooling thermometer, SD card / USB playback, high-capacity lithium battery power supply, all of which are derived from the music under the night table speaker. While advocating the comfortable experience of urban homes, this speaker reflects the exquisite craftsmanship and strong research and development strength of Shenzhen Dehuida Company. Like a friend, hurry and buy it!

Back Light Led Module is best for led signs and light boxes at airports, metros, banks, buildings and shopping malls, etc. They palyed an important role in advertising and promoting the company and some special events. The good LED Module is with even light, good color comformity and long lifespan. Usually led back light module is DC12V and DC24V, now LBY have launched DC110V and DC220V led back light module, which made a great progress in lighting business. 

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Back light led module in light box

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  • Disassembling or modifying the product is forbidden.
  • Installation with power on is forbidden.
  • Any organic solvent chemical is forbidden.
  • Acidic or alkaline adhesive is forbidden when install, neutral glass cement could be used for installation purpose, make it drying in open environment for four hours.
  • Isolation and corrosion prevention on all wiring points and wire ends.
  • Make sure the power wire is thick enough and ensure the voltage and connections are connected correctly before power on.
  • This product should be used in a sign, do not expose it in opening site.
  • Installation, maintaining should be done by professional staff.
  • The power wire between power supply and module should be less than two meters to keep the same brightness on all parts.

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LBY is a professional manufacturer specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of LED light for worldwide signindustry.  Since 2004, we have been devoted to designing and producing more efficient and easily-installed LED products. At the same time, we also offer customized design, OEM and work instruction service. Our general target is saving total cost for customers.

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LBY has an experience for more than 14 years in led line, skilled workers, advanced equipments and strick control and producing system make us one of the leading company in led business, and we have UL, CE, RoHs, TUV certifications, which fully demonstrated our comprehensive strength.

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